With the DMM Portal’s customized packages for each servicer and our easy-to-use step-by-step wizards, borrowers know exactly which documents they need. Submissions are as easy as a click of the mouse with documents delivered to the mortgage servicer in real-time.



Because every action is carefully tracked and recorded, everyone always knows the exact status of the application. Our Action Center even tells users what’s next ensuring that all stakeholders continue to move the application forward.



With all of the stakeholders on the same page with access to all of the information in real-time, decisions are made quickly and efficiently.


Who we are

Default Mitigation Management LLC (DMM) specializes in loan modifications and pioneered online loss mitigation services. Our systems are used by courts throughout the country. With unparalleled industry experience and knowledge, DMM helps expertly guide its clients throughout the loss mitigation process.


Why we do it

Documentation issues are often the root cause behind loan modification failures.  That's because each borrower's package is as unique as the borrower themselves and requires very specific forms and supporting documentation that are time-sensitive.  Failure to provide just one document can result in a rejected review. 

Add to that the ever-evolving documentation requirements and the poor communication and it's no wonder there are issues.  DMM believes both borrower and servicer benefit from an accurate package timely delivered.  The loan modification process is difficult enough.  Document preparation and submission should be easy.


How we are different

There are many people and programs claiming to help. Truth is most do not understand the process or are only focused on one party’s interests to the detriment of all others involved. DMM built its systems from the ground up with input from everyone – servicers, borrowers, attorneys, counselors, courts and mediators. We focused on every detail from every angle. It’s this approach that has made us different. It’s this approach that permits us to change how loan modifications get done.